Lovato is one of the italian based company producing conversion kits. Lovato Conventional CNG Kit is one of the important and famous CNG Kit and is suitable for engines from 3 to 8 cylinders and displacements up to 5500 CC (including turbo and Valvetronic). Pneumatic components integrated, reduced installation time. New electronic compact and reliable. Management software simple, reduced calibration times. 

1 Valve charge: non-return valve via which the tank is filled. 
2 Tank: contains the methane in the gaseous state. 
3 valve cylinder: it allows the passage of gas into and exit from the tank. 
4 Reducer: has the function of reduce the pressure of the gas. 
5 Filter: filters the gas. 
6 Gas injector: injects the correct amount of gas in each cylinder. 
7 Switch: allows you to switch between gas and petrol and shows the gas level in the tank. 
8 gas unit: receives the signals from the various sensors and calculates the quantity.